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Museum Update - Spring 2014

We are starting a new feature on our web site with this letter, that of periodic updates on the museum to keep you our loyal friends in touch with what we are about and how we propose to keep your museum a vital part of the community of K I Sawyer. To do that of course anyone who is operating the museum will depend on you, neighbors and friends of the museum for any assistance needed to stay functional and relevant within the community. When I say friends I mean both the residents of the present community of K I Sawyer and surrounding areas plus the former residents of K I Sawyer Air Force Base. We are all in this together to help ensure that this new community prospers and grows. We need jobs in addition to the normal needs of any community such as a grocery store, gas station and other amenities any community takes for granted.

We are pretty confident all of this can happen but both the museum and the community need the help of all our friends supporting us to grow to what K I Sawyer once was, that of a vital part of Marquette County and the Upper Peninsula of this great state.

The museum/community center hosted a benefit on Friday, February 14 for a local woman who underwent a heart transplant in December of last year and it was reassuring to see the response from the community.

Let’s work together and go for the gold. We can do it.

Bob Vick
Museum President

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